TimeScout Software

Chosen by Hundreds of Businesses Worldwide

TimeScout is an affordable Windows software package designed to replace the costs of time cards and time clocks with the convenience of punching in and out at each employee's desk.

Whether you have a network of computers or just one stand-alone PC, TimeScout can calculate the hours worked for any number of employees. TimeScout is easy to use for every employee, even those who are not comfortable with computers.

The TimeScout software package consists of three programs: TimeScout, PunchMe and TimeKeeper.


TimeScout is priced by the number of computers having TimeKeeper, PunchMe and/or TimeScout installed. Our base package costing $149 includes a license to install the software on up to five computers residing on a network with unlimited employees.

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TimeScout for Supervisors

The TimeScout program is designed for supervisors and managers. TimeScout is a full-featured, computerized software program that lets supervisors work with company specific options; add and edit employee information; manipulate time entry information; and print reports. TimeScout eliminates the need for time cards and time clocks.

PunchMe for Employees

Similar to a mechanical time clock, the PunchMe program is designed for employee use to clock in and out during their work day. PunchMe is a simplified time entry application consisting of a single screen. From this screen, employees can perform time entry; select a work group and/or project type, and enter a description of the work performed during the work period. For best results, install PunchMe on each employee's computer.

TimeKeeper for Time Synchronization across Computers

TimeKeeper is an optional utility that may be installed on a single computer that will be designated as the time server. Running TimeKeeper, guarantees all work punches use the time from a central computer to reduce time differences between computers, and help prevent employee time misuse.


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