• AccountScout Allows us to Focus on Our Sales

    "We have newspapers in multiple cities and share our software centrally. Adding a new paper was simple. The infrastructure AccountScout provided allowed us to launch a new paper in another community with simple management, so we could focus on our sales. "

    - Telluride Planet & Moab Sun News, Andrew Mirrington, Publisher

  • I Wish I Had
    AccountScout Sooner

    "If I had to do it all over again, I'd get AccountScout sooner and publish weekly from the start. AccountScout has the information to make predictions for the week prior to print in which I can estimate my sales better, to ensure that I'm publishing a profitable edition. "

    - Lake Spokane Media, Dana Michie, Publisher & Owner

  • Fake Brains
    Surpasses the Others!

    "Fake Brains has surpassed all of the others we have worked with, as their team understands the meaning of partnership, and their products deliver at speed for a price that makes the others seemingly laughable."

    -Morris Technology, Jim Goodlett, President

  • Simple for New Hires

    "Having classified ads coming from variable sources, the AccountScout import tool is a great time saver, since it integrates with ads my office has received. While staff turnover is never fun, AccountScout has been simple enough for new hires to become efficient quickly. "

    - American Classifieds Paris, David Brown, Publisher & Owner

  • Captured Thousands
    in Lost Revenue

    "In addition to increasing our staff's efficiency, AccountScout has allowed us to capture thousands of dollars in classified revenue that previously was lost. The Fake Brains support staff is EXCELLENT!"

    - Estes Park News, Andrew

  • We Couldn't Do It
    Without You!

    "We now publish between 500-600 classifieds each issue and I couldn't possibly do it without you guys. We also continue our association with Metro Creative Graphics, as you recommended, and they have been exceptional as well.

    We still maintain a staff of two, myself and my husband, and work out of our garage office. I use my son on a part-time basis and have grown from a beginning of only 8 pages to 44 pages in December.

    I couldn't be happier with Fake Brains and count you in particular as a huge part of us getting off on the right foot."

    - Peddler's Post, Debbie

  • Fake Brains' Excellent Service is Refreshing

    "In a campus newspaper, turnover is frequent. It's refreshing and comforting to know that when a staff member has a question, all they have to do is call to receive excellent service, quickly and efficiently. In the headache of the business world, Fake Brains is a rare aspirin."

    - University of Northern Colorado, The Mirror, Darrell

  • Fake Brains' Service
    is a Lifesaver!

    "The program gave us new classified revenue enhancements. We added premium up sells, such as yellow highlighted line ads and photo in-column auto ads, which made money the first issue we implemented them. They are easy to sell within AccountScout with a click of the button and flow easily into InDesign.

    Their service is a wonderful lifesaver; it gets me out of the jams I get myself into. I punch that "Help" button and I know it's on its way."

    - The Fountain Hills Times, Kip

  • Friendly Service
    Every Time

    "Friendly, responsive service--every time we need it.

    Our decision to upgrade to AccountScout resulted in more professional-looking statements, increased options for our classified customers, and a terrifically detailed daily ad manifest.

    AccountScout is a good value and a smart investment for small to medium-sized weeklies or dailies."

    - The Daily Mississippian, Melanie

AccountScout - Retail Orders

Retail Ad Management

Retail Order Overview Video.

AccountScout reduces the time required to manage and bill customer advertising.  The information is available for immediate billing, invoicing, sales commissions, contracts, manifests and sales analysis reports.

Sales reps may enter their own ads, with permissions to restrict rate overrides and access to other areas of AccountScout.

View the video on the right to see AccountScout in action.

Create Price Quotes

  • Sales reps can easily create their own price quotes with protected rates.
  • Email price quote to the prospect.
  • Convert the quote to an order with the click of a button.

Store Camera Ready Ads

  • Camera ready ads are visible on the order screen reducing the time necessary to research a customer prior to making a sales call.  
  • Email a low resolution copy of the ad to the advertiser for proofing.
  • Generate an insertion order showing the file name and path for the camera ready ad.

Easy Scheduling

  • Schedule all of your publications within a single order.
  • Easily pick up an existing order to rebook an ad.
  • Schedule runs well into the future.

Identify Dormant Advertisers

  • View the Dormant Advertiser report to identify advertisers that need to be re-sold!
  • Each sales rep can monitor this report for their own advertisers.
  • Management can monitor advertiser retention.

Monitor Recruited Advertisers

  • View the Recruited Advertiser report to monitor sales to new advertisers.
  • Set sales goals for bringing in new advertisers.

Streamline Production

  • Flow display ads into an InDesign/Quark bridge document to reduce production time.
  • Identify ads in need of a camera ready graphic file.
  • Detailed manifests show all ads scheduled to run in an issue, with sizes, and the path to the camera ready file.
  • Automate the layout of the paper by exporting an electronic list of display ads for import into third party pagination products.
  • When production completes an ad, the image will appear on the order screen.
  • Print detailed insertion orders for new ads to improve communication with the production department and reduce mistakes between sales, accounting, and production.
  • Improve communication by entering special ad instructions with the order.
  • Provide the production department with early listings of upcoming ads.
  • Maximize sold page space pre-deadline to improve the bottom line.


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