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Now you can make a list!

Send out new e-mail campaigns to your advertisers and contacts in AccountScout, or view past e-mail campaigns to see which advertisers and contacts opened/clicked your e-mails.

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(1:06) - Click the video above for a quick overview of AccountScout's marketing campaign tool

CRM with Email Campaign Tracking

Now there's even more reason to track your prospects in AccountScout. In addition to our CRM mobile sales app for sales reps, you can now export advertiser and contact lists directly to MailChimp. This allows for you to send email marketing campaigns to your prospects, and see the results of which prospects in AccountScout clicked or opened your emails.

For example, you can export all of your advertisers and contacts for a "wedding" advertiser type to a list in MailChimp that promotes a wedding special you may be running. Then, you can create an activity in AccountScout for your sales reps to give a call to anyone who clicked or opened the email from the campaign. These activities can even be seen in the field from the AccountScout Mobile app - telling your sales reps right away whether or not a prospect has shown interest in one of your email campaigns.