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Fake Brains, Inc's mission is supplying affordable office automation software to businesses and small-to-medium-sized newspapers and shoppers. By forming a partnership with each of our customers, we help them use our software to its fullest capacity and provide timely support when issues arise. We listen to the suggestions of our customers for improving our products, while constantly striving to provide the best solutions possible to solve their day-to-day problems to help run their businesses more efficiently.

Newspaper Software

  • AccountScout is an accounts receivable and classified ad software system including display ad scheduling, customer contracts, classified ad management and more. 
  • RouteScout  is a delivery management and circulation software automating the delivery and distribution of newspapers and other products.

Business Software

  • TimeScout time clock software is designed to eliminate mechanical time clocks and cards. By installing the punch program on each employee's computer, it is simple enough for even the most novice computer person to use.

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